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Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and Flexible final PEX:  NESA offers opportunities for flexible PEX arrangements where Initial Teacher Education students have had previous paid work they believe could be substituted against unpaid days of learning in a PEX. These days may be counted as recognised prior learning (RPL) thereby reducing the number of days required for the final PEX. ITE Students must apply for RPL and provide evidence of their learning against the APST. 
NB: NESA only offers Flexible PEX to ITE students whose applications meet their provider’s criteria.  In this case, the provider is the UOW School of Education.

UOW criteria for a Flexible final PEX in 2021: 
Final PEX placements in 2021 are somewhat different from previous years due to the COVID-19 disruptions in 2020.

What is different?  For undergraduate students, the 3rd and 4th PEX are now combined into a single PEX so that you can graduate within the expected four year timeframe for those who commenced in 2018. This means it’s a longer PEX than has been scheduled in the past. (Please note there is no change in length for the Master of Teaching final PEX EDMT910.)
What is the same?
The maximum days of RPL that NESA will approve is 15 days.  This means you can apply for a maximum of 3 week reduction to that final PEX.  All PEX placements are unpaid.  The shortened PEX must begin on the first day of the scheduled final PEX.  There is no flexibility in TPA requirements.  All assessments must be completed as set out in the Subject Outline for the final PEX.
ITE students eligible to undertake their final PEX may express interest in Recognised Prior Learning and Flexible Final PEX through the online form located in Sonia.  Applicants should submit the fully completed online Recognised Prior Learning and Flexible Final PEX Expression of Interest form and supporting documentation located in Sonia.